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Tomato baby

I love tomato plants. Especially their smell which reminds me of my grandmother’s greenhouse. It makes me very sad that I am now allergic to these.


(via How to Plant an Outdoor Potted Herb Garden)

Next Summer. Oh yeah.



How to prepare a sweet potato for planting!
Supah easy.

Yes! Just fill a cup with water, pierce the potato/yam with a skewer or toothpicks so that you can rest them on top of the cup with half the potato in the water. You can also cut your potatoes, for more starts. However this exposes the plant to disease and also shocks them so that they take longer to sprout. (You can cure cut potatoes and put them directly in the ground, but I would keep it cautious and do the water if cutting.)
Once your potato has some leaves, you just twist off the shoots where they meet the tuber and put them in their own cup of water to root. When the roots are about 1” long, they’re ready to plant :)